14 February 2010

Valentine's eats

On my way home from work on Friday, I stopped at Trader Joe's for a few staples and couldn't resist a box of their seasonal chocolate truffles. I'm a sucker for pretty packages, so the clean white space with whimsical hand-lettering made them an irresistible buy, and I'm so happy that the chocolates inside made the purchase worthwhile with their perfect mix of dark chocolate shell and fudgy interior. As good as these are, it's a good thing that these are only on sale a few weeks a year because otherwise my grocery bill would be $5 higher every trip.

Yesterday, Nathan requested mushroom risotto for lunch which was a nice departure from our usual Saturday afternoon meals of Chipotle or whatever's in the fridge. I've made this version a few times now, substituting fresh shiitake mushrooms and leaving out the Gorgonzola, and I was happy to make a simple filling lunch to share with him. Anything that he'll eat 2 bowls of and then go back for the rest for dinner is a recipe I'll gladly make over and over again.

We ran errands most of the afternoon, and since we were close-ish to my favorite bakery, Pistacia Vera, I requested a small detour for cookies which, of course, didn't surprise Nathan. I love their lime sugar cookies, but apparently so do other sweet tooths out there since there were none left, so I went with 5 of their macarons in various flavors. Naturally, I couldn't wait until I got home to eat one.

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