08 February 2010

fabulous clutch

I have a dangerous habit. When I like something, I buy A LOT of it. Found some basic shirts that were the perfect length for my long torso...I think I now have 10 of them in almost all of the available colors. Scarves? In the passed couple years my stock pile has grown beyond what's really necessary. But I justify it because I wear one almost every day. And my worst offense? Might be my love of the clutch. I have plenty, yet I seem to always grab the same gray one found at Gap on clearance a couple years ago. (Which I had bought in black too the week before.) It's slightly bigger than the rest in my closet and the perfect neutral, with a little ruffle to add a unique touch.

And now, I've found another I'd really love to add to my collection this spring. The
Fabulous Clutch from Boden has a ton of eye-catching ruffles and a giant clasp, which to me, completes any perfect clutch. It meets the perfect size requirement for my essentials for a night at the bar, along with my camera which doesn't fit in a few of my bags. Plus, since it's color options are all perfect for my wardrobe, ideally, I'd take one of each.

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