29 April 2009

making the honeymoon decision...again

I want the most "bang for my buck", even when buying shoes or cereal but especially on the large purchases, such as a honeymoon. When it came to finding the place to spend my own, the whole world before me was way too much. To narrow it down a bit, I knew I wanted a beach and Nathan wanted a short flight, but the options still seemed limitless. One Friday a few months ago, Nathan finally brought his laptop to me with photos and details of 2 options in Riviera Maya, my suggested destination, and made me choose which we would stay at. Both were all inclusive and had the modern decor that really attracted me. I made a choice, he dealt with Expedia, and we were both relieved that the trip was finally planned and started getting excited for paradise!

Now, 10 days from the wedding, we've had to reconsider due to the swine flu. Not good timing for anyone with plans to head to Mexico, but especially for an indecisive girl trying to finalize every other detail of the very soon wedding.

Where to go now?!

(photo: from my family vacation to Maui, May 2008)
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