28 February 2009

Decision #2: the colors & an inspiration board

I've been reading wedding blogs since long before I was engaged, justifying that I was getting inspiration as a graphic designer, which was mostly true. But naturally, I was also gathering ideas for a day I knew would come eventually. I had always been drawn to the black, white, & green color combination, so the color decision wasn't too tough. The difficulty comes when I see other weddings that have such great and original color schemes. I knew that my bridesmaids would probably have to wear black, and it was photos like this that made me second guess the colors I chose.

I knew I liked a neutral pair with a pop of something, and the black, white, and green certainly fits the bill. Ultimately, my choice was almost made for me when I came across a pair of alluring apple green heels across the shoe department at my local Nordstrom. I glanced over, saw them on a pedestal, and said to my mom, "That's the green I want for my wedding!" I had envisioned a more delicate shoe, but these were the most perfect color and I could not pass them up. They became my first wedding purchase, and a few months later, I came across a blog post that had my exact shoes (and the same spectators my groom-to-be and I had chosen for him). I just love the way they photograph!

Going through the stockpile of images I had gathered, the trend certainly emerged that I gravitated to the color combination, and since my fiancé also responded favorably to the color combination, I figured we had a winner. He's had very rare opinions to the wedding choices I've made, and I'm glad we went with my first instinct. I had to rebuild my image library after a MacBook hard drive crash, but one Saturday in September I assembled my inspiration board, and it's been such a great reference to go back to and see just how well everything is lining up.

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