11 February 2010

Green Louboutins

(photo: Cheri Pearl, source)

When looking for the perfect wedding shoes, I would have given anything to be a few inches shorter and have a few extra dollars to have these Louboutins. But alas, I don't think there were even for sale anymore when I was on the search for my wedding shoes. Plus, since my husband's only a couple inches taller, I wanted to keep my heels more around the 2" mark. It's rare that I even wear 3+" heels anymore, but when I do he always jokingly glares at me, and I really didn't want to be taller than him in all our wedding photos.

My friend is now looking at the coveted Louboutin for her own wedding, and while I was checking out her potential choice, a couple green pairs in the current collection caught my eye:

They're perfection. Despite the fact that I already own 4 pairs of green shoes, I'd still like to add a pair of these to my shelf.

shoe source: Saks (first pair
) (second pair)

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