17 February 2010


Back in grade school, a classmate told me I look good in yellow. I think I still remember that because it seemed like such a random color to look good wearing, and I don't know that it would have occurred to me if someone hadn't said it. Whether or not it really does work for me, I'm attracted to it since it's so sunny, and it pops up each season in my wardrobe. I have this handbag from last year, and now I'm especially loving this sun kiss necklace (currently sold out) and Lauren Conrad's jacket which, I think, showcase the color at its best.

(image sources: Anthropologie, Francesca's, PopSugar )

16 February 2010

traveling owls

Columbus has been hit with 3 snow storms in 11 days, and I'm hoping flights are running smoothly tomorrow so I can get out of town for a long weekend in South Carolina. I already have a few totes to choose from for my carry-on, but I would love to tuck this bag with funny-looking owls under my arm to hold my MacBook, iPod, and other travel necessities.

14 February 2010

Valentine's eats

On my way home from work on Friday, I stopped at Trader Joe's for a few staples and couldn't resist a box of their seasonal chocolate truffles. I'm a sucker for pretty packages, so the clean white space with whimsical hand-lettering made them an irresistible buy, and I'm so happy that the chocolates inside made the purchase worthwhile with their perfect mix of dark chocolate shell and fudgy interior. As good as these are, it's a good thing that these are only on sale a few weeks a year because otherwise my grocery bill would be $5 higher every trip.

Yesterday, Nathan requested mushroom risotto for lunch which was a nice departure from our usual Saturday afternoon meals of Chipotle or whatever's in the fridge. I've made this version a few times now, substituting fresh shiitake mushrooms and leaving out the Gorgonzola, and I was happy to make a simple filling lunch to share with him. Anything that he'll eat 2 bowls of and then go back for the rest for dinner is a recipe I'll gladly make over and over again.

We ran errands most of the afternoon, and since we were close-ish to my favorite bakery, Pistacia Vera, I requested a small detour for cookies which, of course, didn't surprise Nathan. I love their lime sugar cookies, but apparently so do other sweet tooths out there since there were none left, so I went with 5 of their macarons in various flavors. Naturally, I couldn't wait until I got home to eat one.

12 February 2010

Valentine's treat

I know if I got flowers for Valentine's Day, my kitty would eat them, and my calorie intake doesn't really need an onslaught of candy. For those of you looking to give or get something other than the expected chocolate and flowers, a pretty little ring like this one from Coach is such a sweet alternative since it's simple and pretty enough to wear year-round, yet makes perfect sense for a holiday all about love.

11 February 2010

Green Louboutins

(photo: Cheri Pearl, source)

When looking for the perfect wedding shoes, I would have given anything to be a few inches shorter and have a few extra dollars to have these Louboutins. But alas, I don't think there were even for sale anymore when I was on the search for my wedding shoes. Plus, since my husband's only a couple inches taller, I wanted to keep my heels more around the 2" mark. It's rare that I even wear 3+" heels anymore, but when I do he always jokingly glares at me, and I really didn't want to be taller than him in all our wedding photos.

My friend is now looking at the coveted Louboutin for her own wedding, and while I was checking out her potential choice, a couple green pairs in the current collection caught my eye:

They're perfection. Despite the fact that I already own 4 pairs of green shoes, I'd still like to add a pair of these to my shelf.

shoe source: Saks (first pair
) (second pair)

10 February 2010

Fast, Fresh & Green

Jessica Hische's work is constantly inspiring, and I'm loving the combination of type, illustration, and photography here. It's so nice when great design comes together with something that can be so mundane, like a veggie cookbook. Most of my vegetarian recipes come from the internet, but this would make such a lovely addition to my small stack of cookbooks.

08 February 2010

fabulous clutch

I have a dangerous habit. When I like something, I buy A LOT of it. Found some basic shirts that were the perfect length for my long torso...I think I now have 10 of them in almost all of the available colors. Scarves? In the passed couple years my stock pile has grown beyond what's really necessary. But I justify it because I wear one almost every day. And my worst offense? Might be my love of the clutch. I have plenty, yet I seem to always grab the same gray one found at Gap on clearance a couple years ago. (Which I had bought in black too the week before.) It's slightly bigger than the rest in my closet and the perfect neutral, with a little ruffle to add a unique touch.

And now, I've found another I'd really love to add to my collection this spring. The
Fabulous Clutch from Boden has a ton of eye-catching ruffles and a giant clasp, which to me, completes any perfect clutch. It meets the perfect size requirement for my essentials for a night at the bar, along with my camera which doesn't fit in a few of my bags. Plus, since it's color options are all perfect for my wardrobe, ideally, I'd take one of each.
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